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This platform pays tribute to our dedicated alumni, showcasing their post-graduation achievements and contributions to robotics and beyond. From attending top universities to launching startups and earning certifications, each member has made a lasting impact on our community, showcasing the possibilities STEM education opens for all.

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Joshua (“Josh”) Hunter

Josh working at Clark Pacific

High School Graduation Year: 2022
Years on Team: 2018-2022
Roles on Team: Mechanical Lead

Post-high school, Josh embarked on his journey at American River Community College, where he dove deeper into welding while simultaneously working at Big O Tire. His passion for welding led him to pursue a career in the field, currently undergoing training to become a welder and mechanical welding arm technician at Clark Pacific, a role he enthusiastically took on just a few weeks ago.

During his time on the team, Josh honed invaluable skills such as work ethic and responsibility, which continue to shape his professional trajectory: “You learn at robotics, you put in long days and a lot of hours, which you are going to do at any job you work at for the rest of your life.” The discipline instilled in him a robust work ethic and provided essential leadership training, alongside fostering his flair for design.

Drawing from his robotics experience, Josh emphasizes the significance of pursuing happiness and fulfillment in one’s journey, urging current members to remain dedicated to their chosen paths: “Whatever you are training to do, make it something that you enjoy doing.” He highlights that robotics isn’t solely about wielding power tools; it encompasses administrative and programming skills, offering a multifaceted learning platform.